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American Sikh

"The true and unlikely story of an American born, turban-wearing Sikh man, Vishavjit Singh, who after a lifetime of facing prejudice, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume." 

Trailer for a Tribeca listed short docu-film we produced. Find out more here.



Directed by Vishavjit Singh and Ryan Westra 

Animation Director Sean Zwan

Producer Nick Campbell

Supervising Producers Ivan Dixon and Sean Zwan

Art Director Sean Zwan

Concept Artist by Sean Zwan

Additional Concepts by Ivan Dixon

Character Design by Sean Zwan

Character Production Design by Patrick Crawley

Additional Character Design by Charlotte Bird-Weber

Background Artists by Nicholas Mastello, Patrick Crawley, Sean Zwan

Storyboard Artists by Ivan Evans, Sean Zwan, Patrick Crawley

Production Manager Nick Campbell

Animation Supervisor by WzrdLore

Animation by Charlotte Bird-Weber, Darcy Woodbridge, Sean Zwan, Milo Gluth, Jale Soysal, Scott Collopy, Debrina Setiawan, Jessica Hunt, Ella Moffatt

Compositing by Nick Campbell

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