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Fallout 4 - S.P.E.C.I.A.L

A series of  “educational” videos promoting Fallout 4 which were later included in the actual game.
IWe replicated a vintage 1950’s style and write some violent slapstick action.
First up is Strength (followed by PerceptionEnduranceCharismaIntelligenceAgility and Luck).

Directed by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp
Designed, storyboarded and co-written by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp
Animation by Ben Ommundson, Aaron McDonald, Andrew Onorato, Leanne Lee, Felix Colgrave, Neil Sanders, Bill Northcott, Jarrod Prince, Makoto Koji
Additional Animation by Paul Rhodes
Backgrounds Lluis Sanchez
Compositing by Greg Sharp
Music and Sound design by James Brown
Agency: AKQA
Client: Bethesda


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