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Fallout - The Vault Seller's Survival Guide

Okey Dokey! We had the great pleasure of creating this series of promotional animated videos for Amazon Prime's Fallout TV series. Think of it as an animated companion to the main show featuring Bud Askins.


Animation by Studio Showoff Pty Ltd

Directors Ivan Dixon and Sean Zwan

Producer Nick Campbell

Character Designer Ivan Dixon

Storyboard Supervisor Aaron McDonald

Storyboard Artists Georgia Kriss, Harriet Tan, Charlotte Bird-Weber, Sean Zwan, Ivan Dixon

Art Director Ivan Dixon

Background Lead Lluis Sanchez

Background Artist Greg Bartlett, Alex Vicatos, Sean Zwan, Ivan Dixon

Editor Nick Campbell


Animation Supervisors Nikhil Markale and Aggelos Papantoniou

Rough Animation Lead Charlotte Bird-Weber

Animators Harriet Tan, Hugo van Bakel-Oliver, Rachel Huang, Paul Georghiou, Georgia Kriss, Harrison Cannon, Darcy Woodbridge, Nick Simpson, Aaron McDonald, Sean Zwan, Ivan Dixon

Clean-up Animation Leads Debrina Setiawan and  Jess Hunt

Clean-up Animators Daeun Jin, Dom Valencia, Laurent Merdy, Rhiannon Bray-Narai, Sweeney Lee, Sophie Wright, Jasmine Lin, Costas Lambrou

Production Assistants Costas Lambrou and Jasmine Lin

Animation Trainee Karles Ye

Compositor Jeremy Carlen

Additional Compositing Nick Campbell

Sound Design and Mix Umbrella Sound Studios

Sound Mixer Josh Sforzin

Effects Editor Connell McGrath

Original Music Craig Sayer

Executive Producers Sean Zwan and Ivan Dixon

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