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Streets of Rogue 2

Our friends at Half Giant tapped us to deliver animation on this action-packed, cartoony video game trailer for the second Streets of Rogue game.



Produced by Half Giant

Directed by Bill Northcott and David Smith

Art Direction by Amy Staple

Storyboards by Melanie Shin

Backgrounds by Amy Staple
Sound Production/Foley/Mixing by Umbrella Sound Studios 

Animation Directed by Sean Zwan

Produced by Nick Campbell

Character Design by Sean Zwan

Initial Character Concepts by Patrick Crawley

Character Turn Arounds by Sean Zwan, Ella Moffat, Charlotte Bird-Weber

Character Layout by Ella Moffatt, Charlotte Bird-Weber, Ivan Dixon, Sean Zwan

Animation Supervision by Darcy Woodridge

Animation by Charlotte Bird-Weber, Ella Moffatt, Sean Zwan, Debrina Setiawan, Harriet Tan, Ivan Dixon

2D Effects and Compositing by Sean Zwan

Edited by Nick Campbell

Executive Producer for Studio Showoff by Ivan Dixon and Sean Zwan

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